Concord Lodge


The centerpiece of the campus is an impressive, two-story, 10,000 square foot main lodge of the retreat center.

Concord Lodge houses three dining areas and two large meeting halls which can accommodate up to 200 guests. The main meeting space in the Lodge (chapel) can accommodate up to 130 guests and comes with a stage. The Second largest meeting room can accommodate up to 80 guests. There are two additional breakout/meeting rooms that can accommodate groups of up to 50 each. This is in addition to a smaller room and a library.

The three dining rooms in the lower level allow multiple groups to enjoy their meals together or in privacy. The large dining room can accommodate up to 100 guests and the smaller ones are ideal for groups of 15 to 50. We have quickly become known for our food..."I love that you have such a variety of options"..."you serve the best meals"..."the food is incredible"..."we especially had a great deal of positive feedback [about] the quality of the meals."

Our 2,000 square foot kitchen is equipped to handle food preparation for hundreds of guests at one time. The commercial-grade equipment complements the efforts of our food service staff in preparing fresh, delicious meals in accordance with your selections from our menus.

The lodge has also a large fireplace in one of the dining areas which is a popular gathering place in the colder months. You can add your snack bar to the area and use it during the afternoon or evening gathering periods.

Last but not least, our game room; there, your group can enjoy table games featuring ping pong, foosball and billiards.